The human ear




The human ear and sound can be studied with lots of different fun activities. In this bundle your kids will learn the anatomy of the human ear and how we hear sound. They will explore soundwaves through different hand on experiments and record their observation. The fun and hands on activities will engage them well. 
This bundle includes 3 different activities:
  • A PowerPoint that explains the anatomy of the  human ear and how we hear sound. I have also saved it as PDF for you, if you don’t have PowerPoint. Don’t worry, you will definitely get all the information. 
  • A worksheet for the kids to label the ear and paste the journey of sound until we can hear it, in the right order.
  • A PowerPoint (also as PDF) that takes the kids step by step through 4 different sound experiments for them to see, feel and hear the sound waves. They will then record their explanation and observation on their experiment worksheet.
  • Instruction sheet  for you, the parent. Easy step by step to follow, learn and then do.
Each activity can be done at separate times, with one child or a few. You don’t want to miss out on this fun way of learning. Everything is there for you. Have fun!!
The human ear
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