On my journey more and more parents asked me for tutoring as they needed extra help and assurance in their homeschool journey.

I love taking students under my wing through tutoring and seeing confidence grow in them. It’s the best to see the smile on a student’s face after they have written a great story, or the joy when the penny drops, and they understand a math concept. 

Seeing the parents relax, knowing that their children are learning through the support and tutoring, makes my day.

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Do you…

  • find it hard to engage your kids in their learning?
  • struggle motivating them to sit down for their study time?
  • need help to create a daily structure for their learning experience?


You don’t have do to this on your own.

I would love to help you! I come in and see where the kids are at and what is needed for their success journey. All my tutoring sessions are catered to help you in the best way, so that you can relax and know everything is under control.

And the best thing is – that you don’t even need to live where I am. Through the online portal we can connect and learn although we live in different cities, states or even countries. I have enjoyed helping children that live further away through online tutoring.



don’t hesitate and get in touch with me. I would love to help you and your kids on their learning journey. Be it maths or English – I try to make the learning creative and hands on, whenever I can.

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