homeschooling teacher and tutor

Hi homeschooling parents!

Need new hands-on learning activities for your homeschooling journey? Find it challenging to help your child get motivated in their learning? Struggle to juggle between wearing the parent/ teacher hat?

If so…

you are in the right place.

I have helped many homeschooling families to get unstuck in their learning and taken the pressure off homeschooling parents by assisting them with hands-on learning activities.




Hi, I am Kerstin!

I help homeschooling families on their learning journey, through providing creative learning activities, tutoring and guidance so that you, the parent, can relax and know that your child is on a successful learning path.

 Do you

  • – Struggle to get your children motivated to learn?

  • – Run out of time and energy to set up creative learning activities for your kids?

  • – Find it challenging to help your child write a great story?

  • – Sometimes just want some extra help for the kids’ learning journey?


Don’t worry! You do not need to tackle your homeschooling journey alone.

Teaching your children is complex, but it does not need to be a chore. Wearing the parent and teacher hat at the same time is not easy, nevertheless you can do this, and I would love to help lift your load.

teacher for homeschooling families
homeschooling activities and tutoring

Read what other homeschooling parents said:

Thank you, Kerstin! It’s been so good seeing the girls’ skills and confidence develop, thank you for all your work with them. I can definitely see massive improvements in both their writing since they started working with you.Jen

“Thank you for the amazing term. The kids have thoroughly enjoyed your classes. You are an incredible teacher, so passionate, and you really know how to make things fun for the kids.” Guiliana

“Thank you, Kerstin, for running such a great course. My daughter has really enjoyed being part of it and has benefited a lot. I thank you again for a very inspiring and interactive course.” Michelle

“My 10yr old son has been in Kerstin’s classes for a couple of terms now, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. My son frequently comes back from his classes raving about what he learned and the things he did (which is a huge thing coming from him). Kerstin is clearly a very passionate and talented teacher.” Sue

Kerstin has been teaching my son for a few years now. She is always radiant, full of enthusiasm. Her skills and knowledge are remarkable when handling challenging behaviours with children with disabilities. Kerstin creates a stable, consistent and safe platform for learning. She is meticulous and creative with her guidance, that is confidence building, rewarding and fun. What a delightful experience it has been!Sophie

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