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Calling All Stressed Out Homeschool Parents…


I’m Kerstin your homeschool guide to getting unstuck so you can live a life of rest and relaxation!

My last 7 years have been spent helping families with their learning through small group workshops and personalized tutoring. Seeing students take responsibility for their learning and grow in a lot of different areas lights me up inside. Encouraging parents to relax, has allowed them to see the amazing growth their child is attaining.

The Journey to Homeschool Success…

As a student, I struggled with learning and found it hard to retain information. It often seemed boring and there was a lot of bookwork, seatwork, and downtime. This is why when I completed my degree and was approved to teach in the Australian School setting my family was shocked!


Seeing children of all ages thrive and flourish in a community of hands-on activities, meaningful peer interactions, and alongside their families has inspired my own creativity and sparked my continued love of learning.


learning activities through art

I know you are in the right place if you…

  • Find it challenging, confusing, and draining to motivate your child on their education journey
  • Struggle to juggle your teacher/parent hats, and are ready to throw one of them out the nearest window
  • Want more out of your homeschool experience than a school setting at your kitchen table
learning activities


You Do Not Need To Tackle Your Homeschooling Path Alone…


I am here to support your journey today:

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