My art/ science workshop offers you a great thought through homeschooling program for those subjects.

As a creative and hands-on person, I have always gravitated to science experiments and art activities. It’s been such a joy to facilitate a homeschooling program for those two subjects. Science filled with learning and hands on experiments. Art using different mediums to create a master piece.

When I branched out using my creativity and ideas to run art and science workshops, I was in my zone and have been loving it since I started. I created an engaging art/science curriculum for this homeschooling program to help you, the parent relax.

Is this where you are at?

Time is running away and you are looking for an interactive homeschooling program for those subjects?

Don’t worry, I can help you.

If you live locally on the Gold Coast, Australia you can sign up for the workshop that runs through the term on a Monday/ Thursday morning.

If you are not local, you might be in a similar time zone to the Gold Coast and can join the online group every Thursday afternoon.

Don’t be disappointed if those two options are not the right fit for you. I am not leaving you stranded.

homeschooling activity art pieces
homeschooling program science experiment activity

Also, visit my shop for engaging science experiments and activities, as well as worksheets and informational PowerPoints.

Each resource includes a PowerPoint that introduces the science topic, including worksheet for further learning. Every bundle also includes activities and experiments that help your child get a better and deeper understanding of the topic they are studying. All you need to do is organize the materials that are needed, which is easy as you have most of them in your kitchen or your house already. Everything else is there for you.

Easy, simple and a lot of fun for all your kids. Hopefully you can relax, enjoy, and even learn something yourself as you engage in the learning with your children.

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