The digestive system




The digestive system is a resource with great interactive, hands on activities to learn about it. In this bundle the kids will learn about the major parts of the digestive system. They will see how long the small intestine is and they will make a labelled model. The hands on activities will engage them and help with their learning.

The bundle includes 2 PowerPoints ( also included as Pdf) with activities:

  • The first Power Point explains everything about the digestive system and teaches your kids how it works. It also includes an activity to do with them to show them how long the small intestine is and how it fits in us.
  • The second PowerPoint takes your children step by step through the activity to make a real fun model. They will then label it. There is also a print out included for the students to cut and paste the descriptions to the different organs.

This is a great resource to teach in an engaging way. It can be done on separate days.

The digestive system
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