Force and motion


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In this resource your children will learn about force and motion and put their learning to the test through 3 different experiments and investigations. It is great for their scientific thinking and learning and lots of fun as it is hands on for the kids. The investigation worksheets will teach them how a science investigation is set up.

Product details:

It includes:

  • PowerPoint that will teach your children about force and motion: what is it? Different forces. Newton’s laws of physics
  • Worksheet: the kids show their knowledge of what they have been learning and start thinking about the experiments.
  • 3 detailed investigations. They will follow the investigation step by step to learn more about force and motion. Each investigation worksheet includes:
    • asking a investigation question
    • making a prediction
    • what make it a fair test?
    • material list
    • method
    • recording the result
    • presenting the result
    • explaining the result
  • detailed instructions for you.
  • answer sheet

My kids really love doing this experiment. It is hands-on and this resource is everything you need to get started learning about force an motion. It will also show you where they are at in their scientific thinking. Don’t hesitate and I hope you will have as much fun with the investigation as my children have.

Force and motion
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